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United States
Just a guy who likes to draw whatever he feels, which is mostly MLP stuff, but hey! I might surprise you and do other stuff as well! I draw as a hobby and I'm a Nintendo gamer at heart. Hence the username. So anyway! Sit back, relax, enjoy a hot cup of chocolate and I hope you enjoy what I have here on display!


We Can
I love Sonic Mania! It so brilliantly captures Sonic back in the Genesis days! (Not that I'd know since I never owned a Genesis.) The best part is that it was a group of hackers and, most importantly, Sonic fans that SEGA hired to make this game and their love for the series and the games really shows!
Battle at Dusk
I wanted to draw New Moon in a dynamic pose and also SHOOTING LAZERS OF DEATH!!! …I jest. But I’m pretty pleased with the result. What do you guys think?
Unseen AU: Grief and Resentment
Three months now...

Three months since he was born...

Three months since she...died...

Comet had finally managed to get Bright to sleep after what seemed like forever, cradling him, feeding him, doing whatever was necessary to help him get some rest. The pegasus yawned a tired yawn when he noticed that some light was seeping in from the window.

"What time is it...?" He thought.

Looking up at the wall clock, Comet found that it was 5:08 in the morning.

"Been up for three hours..." He sighed, exhausted.

With Bright sleeping in the grasp of his foreleg, Comet trudged himself over to the couch for a seat. Maybe now he could have some rest, but he couldn't get to sleep. It was just so hard, so damn hard, raising a foal alone. Not only that, but he could barely see his son half the time. Why? Why did Bright have to jinx himself with a perception spell of all things? Not invisible, but unnoticeable. It was a miracle that Comet hadn't lost him in the past three months. Was it a cruel joke? Did fate just suddenly want to turn Comet's world upside down? Things used to be so perfect. The blue pegasus was happily married to the most beautiful mare in the world and they were expecting to have a foal to call their own, to raise and love together, and they would have been a happy family.

...But on that day...the day he was all came crumbling down. After she gave birth, Nova suddenly...died. The doctors couldn't save her. One moment, they were admiring their new son, the next, she just collapsed, never to awaken again. Then, when Bright was taken to the nursery, he sneezed and a spell shot from his horn, ricocheting around the room like a bullet before returning to him, inflicting himself with a curse that couldn't be undone.

"Why did you have to go, Nova...?" Comet looked up at the ceiling. His lips trembled and tears welled up in his eyes. "I can't do this without you."

It was all too much. The weight of all of Comet's responsibility came down on his shoulders and all he knew to do was sob.

"It's not fair! It's just not FAIR!"

Nova's image just couldn't leave from Comet's mind. Her laugh and voice still rang in his ear like the most wonderful melody. Her touch and warmth felt so close to his reach, as if she was right next to him, but she was just unattainable.

Nova Nova Nova Nova...

Comet's thoughts taunted him as the fur on his cheeks grew drenched in his tears. He couldn't stand the thought of her anymore. It hurt too much. Then, Bright murmured, threatening to awaken once more. Comet looked down at his disturbed son...or at least tried to while he shushed and rocked him more in hopes of helping him fall back to sleep. His misty vision and Bright's affliction made it near impossible to see his features. Every time Comet focused his eyes on Bright, his focus constantly strayed away from him. Damn this curse.

Bright Bright Bright...



Nova gave the colt that name. The more Comet thought about that name, the more he was reminded of Nova. The pain relentlessly endured.

"If he hadn't been born then, maybe..."

No. What was he thinking?

"Maybe Nova would still be here..."

Comet indulged in the thought before shaking it from his mind. No. That was unfair to...Bright.

"Augh! I hate that name! I HATE it!"

Comet's head rattled as he tried so hard to clear Nova and Bright away from his head. It was time to bury the past in the past. To start, Comet focused his vision on his son as much as possible.

"You...You're not Bright Sight anymore. I never want to hear that name again." Comet growled in spite and resentment.

He searched his thoughts, thinking of a much more suitable name for his son. He thought about it and thought about it until the perfect name came to him.

"My son...from now on, you will be New Moon. My New Moon..."

Then, something from within Bright's...New Moon's swaddling blanket began to glow. Comet carefully unwrapped New from his blanket and saw that his flank was glowing. He focused hard on the image that branded itself to his son. The symbol that would forever mark the young colt was his newly given name, a new moon.
Unseen AU: New Moon
So some of you may remember New Moon, an AU version of Bright from awhile back. Well, I decided to bring him back and rewrite him. I'm also including some background information here about him. Tell me what you guys think!

Name: New Moon (formerly Bright Sight)
Age: 21
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Orientation: Gay
Personality: New Moon, at first, can seem a bit distant, stoic, or indifferent. He's introverted, yet he sometimes craves attention, which is made difficult considering his condition. He's very short-tempered and is easily angered. He never tolerates when others try to mess with him, even if it's for a small joke. He's also very cocky when it comes to magical skill, and for good reason, since he is quite proficient in combative magic.

History: New Moon was born as Bright Sight, yet his mother, Nova Sight, passed away shortly after giving birth to him. Without sensing a comforting motherly presence, Bright cried and his horn expelled a sudden burst of magic that ricocheted around the hospital room before bouncing back to him, cursing himself with a perception spell, magic with the effect of making Bright nearly unnoticeable, invisible even. With the magic of a unicorn foal being so raw and unpredictable, the doctors were unable to cast a proper counterspell to reverse the self-inflicted spell.

Left with his heartbroken pegasus father, Comet Sight, Bright went home, raised with much difficulty, since Comet often loses track of where his son is because of his perception curse. It was a wonder that Comet didn't lose Bright too. And with the exhausting responsibility of bringing up a son alone, along with the foal's condition, slowly, but surely, Comet Sight grew to slightly resent Bright for the death of his loving wife, to the point where Comet stripped Bright of his given name, a name that Nova thought of herself. That name reminded him too much of Nova, causing him too much grief. Comet renamed his son with a more fitting name: New Moon, a phase of Luna's beautiful moon that is invisible to the observer. Because that is what the young unicorn was to the world: invisible, unseen, unnoticeable. That was when his cutie mark appeared: a new moon, obscured in its own dark grey hue.

Yet, despite being somewhat neglected by his father, New Moon grew older fairly content. He began to discover that other ponies look right through him, not batting an eye at him or even glancing his way. Still, the colt trudged on. Inspired by Comet, he studied astronomy in his spare time. Then, New discovered his advanced magical talent when he tried making a small star appear in his room, using a spell that he found in one of his books. Instead of a star, he created a whole galaxy cluster appear in his bedroom. New Moon enrolled himself to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, barely able to pass the entrance exam, not because of how hard the exam was, but because of how hard he tried to convince the examiners that he actually attended.

At the age of 11, New Moon moved away from his home of Coltifornia and from his father to Canterlot in order to study with a focus in Astromancy. Some difficulties that came with going to school included often being marked absent for class, being tripped or bumped into in hallways, and lastly, but most prominently, being bullied by the Canterlot Elite students. New grew more and more frustrated with his condition as he aged. Then, he reached his breaking point when one particular student wouldn't stop bullying or harassing him whenever he had an opportunity for the past 3 months. New became aggressive and, without thinking, he used offensive magic to strike a blow at the bully.

From there a fight broke out between the two unicorns, but it wasn't a typical schoolyard fight. It was a magic duel. Both students shot spells at each other in quick succession with hardly any signs of surrender from either side. Then, when a stray magic beam damaged a nearby support column, causing a chunk of rubble to fall off, the offending unicorn student used his magic to fling the rubble at New. New was struck on the left side of his head, damaging the tip of his ear. While he was dazed, the bully tackled New to the ground and shot him, point blank, with a powerful beam. Bright's right eye received the brunt of the force and was permanently blinded. Seemingly defeated, the bully got up, kicked New aside, and began to canter off, but New wasn't finished. No, he refused to be labeled anything less than an invisible, powerless weakling. Stumbling to his hooves, New stood up and caught the bully with his magic, surrounding him in a bubble and then, with mercy completely far from mind, New proceeded to eject oxygen from the bubble. The trapped unicorn banged on the walls of the bubble, desperate to breathe, and New stopped himself before he did something he'd regret. Letting the bully free, he drove in the message that he wouldn't take any bullshit from anypony anymore.

After that day, finding a sort of thrill from dueling another unicorn, New decided that he'd become a magic duelist. Continuing his studies, even beyond graduating, New trains himself further in magic proficiency to become a magic duel champion.

Likes: Studying magic, learning new spells, Istallion food, stargazing, Princess Luna, hot springs, hot chocolate.
Dislikes: Being harassed, losing duels, when ponies see right through him, his perception curse, spicy foods, cloudy nights.
Thinner Bright
I tried...I tried to fix him...but I used too much paint thinner.

This is an idea that I got after doing a bit of digging in the development of Epic Mickey. At one point, Mickey was supposed to change appearance based on the choices he made throughout the game. One of those appearances was of a deformed, decaying version of himself which would be seen when you used mostly thinner to solve your problems or made lots of evil choices.
It's been awhile since I've done this, but I'm gonna try my luck! If you guys wanna come watch and talk, please feel free! I'll be streaming for a couple hours or so!

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